lucas_beach_smileYOGA – I took my first yoga class at Bikram Yoga Soho in NYC in 2002. I nearly died (repeatedly), but for some odd reason, I was immediately addicted. Within 6 months, I’d quit smoking, lost 41 lbs., left my corporate job, and completely transformed my life.

By 2003, I’d become an Ashtanga Yoga junkie, and I started teaching part time in Bangkok for a then-small studio called Absolute Yoga. In 2004, I became a certified teacher after completing Paul Dallaghan’s course in Koh Samui (my future home), and I then taught fulltime (12-18 classes/week) first in Bangkok and then in Hong Kong until 2007 when I opened my own studio.

– In 2007, with my friends from Absolute Yoga, I opened a yoga studio near the beach on Koh Samui island and spent 2 intense years learning the in’s and out’s of the yoga business both as a teacher, a studio owner, and a studio manager. To date, I’ve taught yoga in 5 different countries, I’ve hosted over a dozen major training events, and over 200 yoga teachers have graduated from my programs.

MY ONLINE BUSINESS – Every successful yoga teacher I know has learned how to leverage their time. Once I realized that trading hours for dollars would never allow me to achieve my dreams, I began using the power of the internet to teach yoga, nutrition, and health to people all over the world.

Today, I own 3 online yoga and health-related businesses that are 100% virtual and give me the freedom to travel and work wherever I want. I honestly believe that the internet is the best thing that’s happened to yoga teachers since the invention of the sticky mat, and it’s amazing to be able to create teaching tools that can last forever.

INTEGRATED BUSINESS – I started in the corporate world, dropped out completely for a few years, and then eventually found my way back to what I call an “integrated business” model. To me, an integrated business is like an integrated yoga practice.

It’s more than just teaching or earning a living, it’s about finding a passion in life and leveraging that to the maximum with a total disregard for your own ego. At least 4 out of 5 ideas I have are total failures, but I fail so fast and I’m so passionate about what I do, that the winning ideas make themselves known quickly—and I then put all my focus there.

EDUCATION – I have very little formal education in anything. I was so broke I had to quit university when I was 20, so I went to work immediately and never looked back. Everything I know about yoga and business is 99% practice and 1% theory. When I started, I was crap at yoga and crap at business, but I knew that there had to be a better way. If I can do this, believe me, you can too.

In the same way I learned yoga from my teachers, I learned the business of yoga from my coaches and mentors. I found people who had lives I wanted, and I followed them, copied them, and begged for their secrets.

A RICH LIFE – I now live an extremely rich life of travel, adventure, teaching, and learning. I have a wife and daughter, I practice yoga for 2 hours daily, and I run my businesses from wherever I am in the world. I’m not driving convertibles or flying in private jets, but I make a great living, I do what I want, and I live debt-free and without the day-to-day stress of money that used to haunt me.

famiy_small1A “rich life” the term I use to describe people like me who live simply, give generously, and invest wisely in thing that really matter like travel, education, and the future. The best part about the “rich life” is that anyone can achieve it with the right tools—and that’s what this site and this project is all about!